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Will’s First Haircut + Non-Scale Victory!

What a fabulous Sunday Fun Day today was! It all began with breakfast in front of the TV (a true rarity) because my parents were re-finishing the kitchen table. Then we headed off to mass, which is getting more & more interesting as Will becomes more active & vocal. Thank goodness for Cheerios & dry erase books! 

After mass, Will went down for a quick nap & once his daddy arrived, we headed off for Will’s first haircut! I just had to snap a picture before waking him up because, come on, look at him! He sleeps just like his mommy!
While he didn’t exactly need a haircut quite yet, he had a long bunch of hair on top of his head & a growing rat tail of hair at the nape of his neck so we agreed he needed a trim!  

We took him to Kid O Cuts & I’m so, so glad we did! They have a slide in the waiting area & then when it’s your turn to bring your kid back, you select a movie for them to play on a TV right in front of the car seats. By car seats I mean literally seats that are cars. So cute!

The hairdresser (I guess that’s what her job title would be?) was so great with Will, even when he threw a fit over the hair trimmers. He wasn’t a fan of the loud buzzing sound.

But oh my gosh did our little boy look so handsome after his first trim!  

He loved the cars so much he wanted to sit in another one before we left. What a cutie! 

Kid O Cuts was great & even gave us a certificate with his picture & a little Baggie of his hair to remember his first haircut! He also got a balloon & a sucker, & you can just imagine how excited he was about that!

After his haircut we headed to the Science Museum, because I have a pass that let us get in free one Sunday. Will had an absolute blast!


We were there for a couple of hours before saying goodbye to Daddy & heading home for dinner with Gram & Grandad. This time we are outside. Don’t worry, our eating situation will be back to normal tomorrow!

To top off a great day, Will was pretty tired so we snuggled up to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid before Will went to bed & Mommy took a bubble bath. 

I love my little guy ☺️.

Oh & about that non-scale victory I mentioned in the headline? Guess who fit into an old pair of jeans for the first time since before Will was born! That would be me!!  

Now I just have to continue down this path to better health, emotionally & physically & there will only be more non-scale victories to come!

How was your weekend??