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Weekly Workout Update + Leg, Arm Day Routines

Weekly Workout Update

You know those days where you wake up feeling a little bit thinner? Those mornings where you feel like you’re finally starting to see some progress after all your hard work? Well I had one of those this morning and it was glorious! It’s been a slow progress, seeing as it’s been 8 weeks since I’ve gotten back on track with my fitness goals.

I’ve switched up my routines, tried various workout regimens, and seemingly found one that works for me. I’ve been at that specific routine for three weeks now and I’m feeling fantastic. Lifting heavier serves as cardio within itself, but I’ll still throw in some cardio when I feel like it. The lifting routines I’ve been doing definitely leave me feeling sore for a couple days after, but it’s totally worth it — which is why I want to continue sharing some of my lifts with you.

Living With Will Power

Sometimes I don’t have a ton of time to get a workout in, but I figure a short lift is better than no lift. The above routine is an example of what I do when I want to continue working on my arms, but I don’t have enough time for a full-out lifting session. It still gets the job done right?

Living With Will Power

The above workout was the leg routine I accomplished this past week. Leg day is my absolute favorite, and recently the squat racks have been taken the entire time I’ve been at the gym, which is why I haven’t been doing them. Oh well, I can still tone the desired areas without them!

Workout time, for me, is like therapy. It’s a way for me to escape any stress in my life, or even release some of that stress. It’s hard to be angry when you’re giving all your energy to lift a weight! I enjoy working out, which means it never truly feels like a chore for me. Sometimes it’s just a bit difficult to find the motivation to get out of the house and do something.

But speaking of getting out of the house, this week my average daily steps are around 11,000, which means I’m exceeding my daily goal of 10,000. The 15,000 step trip to the fair on Sunday helped a lot, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of walks during this cooler weather. So even on days that I don’t hit the gym, I’m certainly getting a good amount of activity in!

Do you aim for a step goal each day? Do you know how many steps you average?