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20 Of My Biggest Pet Peeves

Apparently I have pretty bad road rage. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I began making a list of my biggest pet peeves, and I realized how many of them occur while I’m in a car. It’s one of my faults I guess. *shrugs*

I thought it would be fun to make a list of some of my biggest pet peeves, just to see if I have any in common with other people out there. Because, admit it, even the smallest things can easily become the biggest nuisance. Can you relate to any of my pet peeves that I’ve listed below?

Living With Will Power

  1. The sound of a dog constantly licking himself.
    • I don’t know if it’s the repetition or just the disgusting sound of a wet tongue scraping fur (come on, you know that sound repulsive), but I can’t stand when I hear my dog cleaning his paws. I know he does it for a reason and I thank myself every day that I don’t have a cat for that exact reason.
  2. When the car in front of me doesn’t turn right on red when allowed.
  3. People who walk incredibly slow while taking up the entire side walk.
  4. The sound of gum being chewed.
  5. Tardiness
    • I can’t stand arriving late, no matter where I’m headed. I also get very frustrated and annoyed if I end up waiting on someone because they’re late. If you’re running late, the least you can do is notify the person you’re supposed to meet. Be courteous!
  6. When people confuse your and you’re, to and too, and their, there, and they’re.
    • I don’t care if it’s just a text: get it right people!
  7. When cars pull really far forward into a parking space, making you think it’s empty when it’s really not.
    • Yeah, bikers, I’m giving you the stink eye too.
  8. Crooked parking or people who take up more than one space when parking. Also those who park too close or even over the line, not leaving enough room for even my Corolla to fit.
  9. When people drive as far as they possibly can before trying to merge at the last minute.
    • I know you’re doing it on purpose because there’s no way you missed the half a dozen signs warning you that the lane was going to end. Be polite and merge sooner rather than trying to force your way into traffic. Ugh!
  10. When someone who clearly has more than 10-15 items in their cart, gets in the 10 items of less line at the grocery.
  11. When people use the words “gay” or “retarded” inappropriately.
    • This one’s a bit personal for me and it’s just about being respectful. I have two (soon to be three) special education teachers in my family. Gay marriage was legalized in the U.S. Learn to be accepting and respectful of all people. There are plenty of other words you can use in place of those that hurt people.
  12. The smell of body odor.
  13. When toilet paper is rolled under rather than over.
    • I will debate this until the day I die. Toilet paper is supposed to be rolled OVER. It just looks better that way, believe me.
  14. People who talk while a movie is playing in a movie theater.
  15. People spit in public.
  16. Slow internet.
  17. When every radio station is playing commercials at the same time.
  18. Being tickled.
    • Yeah, I’m laughing, but I’m fuming on the inside.
  19. People who drive slow in the fast lane.
  20. Getting stuck at consecutive red lights.
    • Aren’t those things supposed to be synced? If not, they should be!

So there you have it. The top twenty things that annoy me or frustrate me more than anything else. I know there’s plenty more, so perhaps eventually I’ll do a part two. But for now, tell me, do we have any pet peeves in common? I’d love to hear what your biggest pet peeves are!