I Ran My First 5K!

“Would you want to run a 5k Saturday” My sister texted me early Friday morning.

My immediate thought was “absolutely” but that was quickly followed by a “but I haven’t run longer than a mile at a time in over two years.”

The truth was, I hadn’t run distance since I found out I was pregnant with my now 14-month-old son. I had been running intervals and had just started a Couch to 5k program on my phone, but I was only on week two. 

So, as you likely gathered from my title, I agreed to do it. I was nervous but excited and figured it’d be good to start somewhere and see where I’m at. Besides, “we can always walk if you need to” is what my sister kept reminding me.

So Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, I took off on my first 5k with my sister at my side. We only stopped to walk twice, while drinking water, for a total of about 30 feet I’d say. The rest we jogged and we finished in 34 minutes, 27 seconds. Obviously not the best time, but a great starting point.

I was nervous, anxious, but incredibly excited. More than anything, I was incredibly grateful my sister encouraged me to do it. Now, I deleted the Couch to 5k program and replaced it with a 10k training program! 

We did it! 

Baseball-Themed First Birthday Party

So Will Turned One…

I’m making this post a little late, but I wanted to share how I was able to successfully throw a baseball-themed first birthday party for Will. It was really easy to do and certainly a lot of fun!

Will is one!

I started by creating this adorable chalkboard-like sign after seeing so many ideas on Pinterest. Overall, I was pretty happy with how it turned out, although you can see how crooked my handwriting started to become! I just bought black foam board and chalk pens from a craft store and went to work. That easy! I included his stats, his favorite foods and toys, what he loves to do, and what skills he had developed so far.

Mantle Display

I put the chalkboard poster up on the mantle next to the collage I created. I cut out close-up pictures of Will’s face and glued them into a poster board I cut into the shape of the number one! As for the banner hanging, my wonderful sister used her Cricut to make all kinds of things for the party with the baseball theme. Check out these other great signs she made!

We put this sign on our front door for guests to see as they arrived
Cute sign to hang on the bathroom door
“Concessions” sign hanging over he food!

She did a great job creating those signs and they really added to the baseball theme of the party! I’m all about cheap decorations! Speaking of which:

Baseball, baseball everywhere!

I took a cheap, plastic tablecloth that I got from the Dollar Tree and painted red baseball stripes using red paint we already had at home. And what’s that on top of the table you ask? Oh just look!

Baseball cupcakes
image1 (1)
Baseball cookies

I created baseball cupcakes by rolling out fondant really thin and using a cookie cutter to cut them into perfectly sized rounds. I then laid them over top a thin layer of icing and wet them just lightly enough that icing would stick. I used a plastic baggie to carefully draw the lines of the baseballs using red icing.

In the center of the cupcakes you can see Will’s smash cake. I created a ball-shaped cake using a very wide, shallow coffee mug (I baked two halves and then put them together). I then covered it in thin fondant and piped on the icing, to make it look like an actual baseball!

As for the cookies, I covered Oreos in white chocolate, and then did piped on the red icing. It was much easier than I thought it would be, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Our little Red’s player!

As for the little man, he donned his Cincinnati Reds Joey Votto shirt for the occasion, and although he didn’t eat any cake, he thoroughly enjoyed sitting around with family and getting all his adorable new outfits and new toys!

I’m happy I went with a baseball theme and I’m even happier with how it turned out! What do you think?

My Active Life

Now that the weather is getting warmer, Will & I are spending as much time outside as possible. Lately, I’ve been scheduled to work at 10 & 2 M-F. I’ll explain what I do for a living in another post. While I try to hit the gym at least five days a week in the evenings, I try to stay active throughout the day so I don’t feel guilty if I don’t make it to the gym. 

Will & his “fur-bro” Reese love to go on walks with me. If it’s not too cool, we’ll head out before I work at 10, on lunch, & then after work & before dinner. That’s not always the case though, as sometimes work takes longer to complete. 

There’s a loop we really like to walk around the neighborhood that’s about 2.5 miles. I can typically walk around 6,000 steps per walk, which usually lasts about 45 minutes.

As you can tell, I try to be as active as possible. I don’t like keeping Will cooped up in the house all day when the weather’s nice. There’s even a little park less than a mile away that we love to visit. 

Being a work-at-home mom doesn’t have to mean being stuck inside all day. Will’s on a great schedule, I can get my work done & we get plenty of time to be outside & enjoy the sunshine. 

I was incredibly blessed to be a stay-at-home mom & I take advantage of it, no doubt. Staying fit & active is important to me (again, more on that in another post), but I’m lucky to live an active life each and every day with my son!

How do you stay active while entertaining your little ones? 

Emily’s Friday Favorites

Emily’s Favorites of the Week

I thought I would kick things off and have my very first post be my Friday Favorites, which I will share every Friday. Whether it’s the book I’m reading, the latest treat I tried, or some other random current infatuation, I’ll be sharing it each Friday!


Currently Reading: Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

During the little free time I have, usually late at night tucked under the covers, you can find my nose stuck between the pages of “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. It was recently made into a movie, but I’m an advocate for reading books before seeing their film adaptations.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s a thriller about a man who’s wife suddenly goes missing and his odd behavior leaves many people, law enforcement officials included, wondering if he was involved in her disappearance.

I’m only about halfway through, but if you like a page-turning read with a lot of twists and surprises, I highly recommend “Gone Girl.”


Currently Sipping On: Iced Green Tea W/ Lemon

So my older sister recently got engaged and my parents, brother, and I all decided we were going to go on the “wedding diet.” Basically it’s just motivation for us to workout and eat right, hoping to shed some weight along the way. One way I try to give myself a little boost is by sipping homemade iced green tea with lemon.

I brew a cup of Bigelow green tea with lemon and then pour it into a big cup full of ice, and then sip on it throughout the day. I try to drink at least two cups worth, as well as more cups of water. I’ve heard so much about green tea boosting your metabolism, and plus I’m much more motivated to drink more water when it tastes great.


Random Obsession Of The Week: Shonda Rhimes’ Shows

Now while I really can’t call it an obsession of the week, because it’s more like an ongoing obsession, I just had to include it in my first post. I’ve watched a few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, but my obsession really comes from Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

Shonda Rhimes is a genius, there’s really no other way to describe her. Week after week she keeps her viewers on the edge of their seats and if you haven’t started watching any of her shows, I suggest you start now! I call her the “queen of cliffhangers” because she knows how to make your jaw drop during the last 30 seconds of the show, leaving you full of questions for an entire week, but believe me, it’s all worth it!


Those are my Friday Favorites! What are some of your current favorite things?

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